RV Roof Replacement

Is your RV Roof Leaking? Read this BEFORE you caulk.

Our RV Service Department  is seeing a lot of roof leaks this season.

If your RV Rubber Roof is visibly damaged and you are looking for RV Roof Membrane Replacement or Repair please call 419-529-2700 ext 2 for information on getting an estimate for roof repair.

Columbus Ohio RV Roof Replacement

If your RV Rubber Roof is damaged don’t wait to take action, we often see additional damage from ongoing water leaks.  Even if you can’t schedule the roof repair right away we may be able to offer assistance on how to prevent additional damage.

We are happy to work with your RV Insurance to see if your damage is covered by your RV Insurance Policy.



The best way to fix an RV roof leak is to STOP it before it happens.

Outside water leaking into an RV is a serious issue.
Many times, there is significant damage already done by the time leaks are discovered.

Regular exterior RV roof inspections are the best way to discover and prevent leaks.
Water leaks may not be apparent from the inside of your RV.
An exterior RV roof inspection should be done on a regular basis.
If you want to schedule a professional RV roof inspection with
Wilson RV please call 888-800-7340 ext 2.

If you see a water leak in your RV’s rubber roof  don’t make the mistake of  trying to repair it yourself  by using  a silicone sealer.
In our RV Service department the most frequent issue we see with incorrect caulk, is the application of  silicone seal.

Installing silicone seal is absolutely the WRONG WAY to caulk anything on the roof of an RV.

Why not use silicone?
Over time silicone tends to shrink and pull away, once it has pulled away, water can go right under the silicone and get trapped. Water trapped underneath the silicone can never  dry out.

Removing silicone seal without doing additional damage to the roofing material is nearly impossible.

As a general rule the caulking that should be used for an RV roof  is not available in a big box or hardware store.
If you are going to  repair a leak yourself  we recommend the RV caulking be purchased from a  qualified RV supply store to ensure you get the correct product for your RV.

If you have a leak in your RV roof and want  professional service to repair and reseal it please call Wilson RV today.