Satellite and HDTV

Want to add or replace an RV satellite dish?

Winegard Carryout

Want to upgrade your entire entertainment system in your RV?

At our Sunbury, Ohio location Wilson RV  can customize an installation to suit your RV entertainment needs. We can install a roof top  satellite or  wire your RV for a portable satellite system.
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We can remove your old cabinet style TV and replace it with a modern Flat Screen TV.

I highly recommend in depth research before buying the HDTV you want to use in your RV

Flat panel TV’s typically do not fit in the same space as your old style TV.
Flat panel’s are rectangular instead of square.

Options for the installation

RV HDTV UpgradeUsing the “old cabinet” may be possible.
The new TV can be mounted inside the cabinet if properly sized, or mounted outside on the front of the cabinet.
In either case, it is extremely important to properly attach the TV.
I highly recommend NOT using a residential mounting bracket.
Residential TV brackets may not lock in place, are flimsy, weak, and dangerous in an RV.
There are a number of brackets now designed for RV use.
Mor Ryde is a manufacturer of high quality, locking flat panel television brackets.


Another option is to custom make a fixed bracket.
This is usually the way we do it in our shop.

Keep in mind, the TV will need to be at the proper viewing angle with a fixed installation.

Wiring the TV 

Flat panel HD televisions require different wiring. Typically, RV’s are improperly wired to take advantage of all the connection options on current TV’s.

Multiple HDMI cables, component, and composite cables may be needed, but are not installed in most RV’s. Wiring an RV is not as easy as wiring a car or house. RV wiring is factory installed behind walls and in ceilings. There is no access to these areas, and no easy way to add wiring. I recommend letting a professional do the installation. A mobile installer may be capable, but an RV technician will be much more familiar with the special wiring requirements of an RV.
There are significant differences in cabinet designs, placement of connectors, placement of speakers, and placement of infrared remote sensors which will affect the installation. We sometimes modilfy cabinets, cut or remove rear housings,add remote infrared sensors and speakers to make televisions fit.

Once we have installed your new HDTV we can also install the right HD antenna or HD satellite designed for your RV lifestyle.

Whatever your RV entertainment needs are we can design a system for you.

Call us today at 419-529-2700 ext 2  and discuss options for your RV.

High Definition “Satellite Antenna”:

There are several options to receive a high definition signal via satellite. Having the right equipment is required. Planning is important since every RV has different equipment that has been installed when the RV was manufactured. There are different procedures for each satellite service. I will touch on the two most popular services.

Direct TV: Requirements to receive High definition using Direct TV satellite service

1. High Definition Television or Televisions

2. High Definition Receiver or Receivers

3. Satellite dish capable of receiving high definition

4. Proper installation

5. RG6 Coaxial Cable

6. HDMI or component cables

Receiving a high definition signal from Direct TV requires a satellite dish made specifically for Direct TV high definition. There is currently no standard 18” round, domed, or portable satellite dish that can receive a Direct TV high definition signal. A Direct TV “Slimline” multiple LNB dish is required. A “Slimline” dish is currently available in a Winegard automatic roof top mounted unit called Trav’ler. In order to transmit the signal from the satellite dish to the receiver, the RV must be wired with RG6 coaxial cable. Many RV’s were not wired with RG6 from the factory. RG59 is found in many RV’s and is not acceptable for satellite use. To check your coaxial cable look at the outer insulating cover. The outer insulating cover on the coaxial cable should be labeled. One RG6 coaxial cable for each receiver/television is required. Be certain to check your coaxial cable in order to include a complete rewiring in your plan if needed. Rewiring an RV with new coaxial cable may be a major job.

A Direct TV “Slimline” dish can also be mounted permanently on an in ground pole or on a temporary base.
A snow bird or long term stay location may allow a “temporary” dish mount.
We have  experience with temporary mounts. Email to discuss your RV HDTV needs.

Special equipment is required to align a “Slimline” dish. Manually acquiring an H.D. signal is not easy.


Dish Network: Requirements to receive High Definition using Dish Network satellite service

1. High Definition Television or Televisions

2. Dish Network High Definition Receiver or Receivers

3. Dish Network compatible satellite dish

4. Proper installation

5. RG6 coaxial cable

6. HDMI or Component cables

Receiving a high definition signal from Dish Network requires a satellite dish made for Dish Network. Many domed, portable, mini, and 18” round satellite dish units are compatible with Dish Network HD. Be certain to plan ahead. Check with the dish manufacturer prior to purchasing ANY equipment. Dish Network requires reception of 3 satellites in order to transmit High Definition.

Transmitting from the signal from a front TV/Receiver to a second TV can be done by using the video switch in the RV. The result would be: One coaxial cable from the dish to receiver is required. The second TV would be tuned to the same channel as the front.

Looking for a High Definition “Off Air” Antenna?

High Definition Television is now available for your RV. There are several ways to obtain an H.D. signal in your RV. Any roof top antenna may be capable of receiving an Off Air H.D. signal. There are add on devices that may help amplify the antenna’s ability to receive Off Air H.D.

Winegard makes an add on device called “Wingman”. Winegard Digital Device
We are a Winegard trained dealership.

King Controls makes the replacement digital antenna “Jack”. “Jack” is available as an antenna head replacement on a Winegard antenna or as a complete antenna. King Controls “Jack” digital antenna

Still have questions aout what HDTV system and choices will fit your budget and meet your needs?
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